Jingle bells, jingle bells…

December 23, 2016
jingle bells

It seems as though the kids have some natural instinct that makes them start asking as early as in November when the first snow will fall and what Santa will bring them this year.

Do your kids believe in Santa Claus? My daughter does. I try to keep up to her expectations and make sure she stays a believer as long as possible. A while ago she told me that Santa Claus doesn’t exist, that she heard it from a friend from the kindergarten. Then I asked: Hmm, and who was that old man with white beard who held you on his lap and gave you all those nice presents a few days ago? It worked, let’s move on.  

The Christmas tree was decorated long ago. There are many nice small gifts underneath, such as chocolate Santas, in case He drops by and wishes to eat something sweet. And guess what? For several days now, my daughter has been noticing that the number of chocolate Santas keeps dwindling… Ergo, he did come by, and He liked it here, hurray! At that point I normally blush and run off to buy new chocolates to put under the tree.

What do you put under your tree? I have shown all my cards too early, I’m afraid. When she was 3, my daughter got a fully equipped two-storey Barby house with two lifts, a shower cabin and a door bell. I admit I’ve bought her so many things in the recent years that I now have no clue how to live up to that. And when I take her to the toy store and let her choose on her own, she normally picks total rubbish: a battery-operated mouse, another eye popping felt toy, a huge felt dolphin that hisses when squeezed (“Mummy, it’s an ideal bed toy, I need it!”).

What conclusion can be drawn from this? Don’t overdo it like I did. My kid has too many toys. She gets tired of them quickly and keeps asking for more. Try not to pile up the junk you won’t know how to get rid of. This year I’ve bought her two smallest felt toys, some plush puppies from a popular TV show, and a bag full of crisps and candies she’ll surely like as much as she likes the Barby house, if not more.


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