Happy birthday to you…

October 10, 2016

A few words about the children’s birthday parties. I organised a party for my daughter’s birthday, so it’s still fresh in my memory. I also remember every single detail of each of her previous parties because I planned them and made them, more or less, on my own. Single or not, all mums will surely agree with me that we always carry the heaviest burden.

We celebrated the first two birthdays with family and friends. But, when my daughter turned three, she wanted to invite all her friends from the kindergarten. This also meant inviting their parents, brothers and sisters, if any. Yes, the guest list was quite long and the room was packed. Here’s some advice and a few rules I adhere to when planning my daughter’s birthday parties:

  • Start the preparations well in advance. Two months before the event is not too early. If the venue should be booked up, it will be in the nick of time. 
  • Make personalised invitations. This involves some effort, but your invitation card may become a nice keepsake and your guests will surely appreciate it.  
  • Text or email preliminary invitations beforehand. The invitations are normally sent some ten days before the party.
  • Ask the parents to confirm their attendance (if possible) so you can come up with a precise estimate of how much food and drink to buy.
  • Hire entertainers. Good or bad, they’ll spare you the trouble of entertaining and keeping the exuberant 5-year olds under control yourself (one year I made this mistake and took it upon myself to entertain the kids… never again!)
  • Hire a specialised party decorator. It pays off, trust the mother who was once forced to blow up and attach the balloons to the walls, buy and make decorations, etc.
  • Ask one of the guests to make photos. Otherwise, you may end up with a dozen blurry photos and you won’t be in any of them.
  • Bring some spare clothes and shoes for your kid. Two years ago, moments before the party, my daughter refused to wear the tooth fairy costume I’d ordered specially. I managed to find an appropriate replacement, but ended up being a nervous wreck.

There is much more I could tell you or recommend to you, but these are the basics. I’d also love to get some suggestions from you because there are many birthdays yet to come and I want them to be unforgettable.


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