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January 2017

The joys of growing up and clothing battles

January 21, 2017
growing up

Some time ago, I had a good laugh when I saw a cartoon of a mother squabbling with her daughter over her clothes. And then I read loads of related comments on the FB which made me realise that it is a real-life situation, the one I still haven’t faced, but that will inevitably come.

My daughter is very young and I’m still in charge. I understand, though, that the status quo won’t last forever.  One mother complained that her daughter only wore leggings and hooded sweatshirts! Others struggle with teenagers changing their outfit several times before going to school. Me, I’m a disciplined person and I prepare each evening the clothes my child and I would wear the next day. The worst thing is to improvise in the morning when you’re in a hurry. For now, my attempts to keep my daughter’s fashion ideas under control have been successful. I don’t approve of kids having painted nails (actually, I’ve seen them on a 3-year old in her kindergarten) or wearing too much zazzy stuff. A plastic necklace, a bracelet or a ring is ok. But, no more than that. My daughter likes leggings because they’re comfy, but she prefers dresses. I don’t mind her wearing them when it’s warm, but in the winters it takes some special skills to explain to her that the cute little backless dress is not for snow (even if she puts on her boots and her warmest jacket).

I’m convinced that I’ll manage to stand my ground, at least for a while, except on special occasions, such as birthdays or mask balls. 

As I’m rather inexperienced in this field, all your tips and comments will be much appreciated. Still, I don’t think a child should be under too much parental control when it comes to their clothing, as long as their choices are reasonable. Is setting a personal example the right way to go about it? I’m not sure my daughter will ever be too enthusiastic about my classical, no-nonsense taste in clothes. And that’s perfectly all right; I mean, each generation is supposed to be different from the previous one. I can only hope that the forthcoming battles over clothes won’t be too harsh.

You and your child in your free time

January 5, 2017
free time

Oh yeah, these are very delicate moments for the single parents. The temptation is huge: to turn on the TV, find a cartoon channel, place loads of crisps and juice in front of your child … and that’s it. Don’t think I’m being judgmental; after all, I gladly resorted to such methods whenever I felt I could use a break. The child is usually spellbound, watching his or her favorite characters, while you cook/ vacuum clean/ iron your clothes/ write a new blog (or all of the above, somehow).

But, cartoons are not enough. It’s important that you gather some more strength and try to make a personal contribution to the education of your offspring. There are plenty of activities your child might find engaging, and you may have good time doing some of these things, too.

My suggestions for free time:

Drawing. It’s always useful, sometimes even lots of fun. You’ll say: “But I can’t draw.” Well, neither can your kid. Drawing can help the children learn a lot, and if it’s beyond your abilities, you can try coloring.

Reading. Yes, the old-fashioned reading from good books. All children love to hear their parents read. In this digital era, I know it sounds incredible, but you should try. You’ll be surprised.

Going to the theater. This is my favorite leisure activity. Many children’s theaters make specific plays for specific age groups. You can start with puppets, and then move on to plays with real actors you will surely enjoy. A while ago, we saw a New Year’s play about the boy who became a marbles champion, and the story also included Santa somehow. Both the children and their parents enjoyed every moment of it.

Workshops for kids. Look them up on the Internet. This type of education is becoming increasingly popular.

Sports: my daughter regularly attends “classes for little athletes”. They consist of a series of floor exercises which are meant to introduce the basic elements of various sports. Still, swimming is at the very top of my list of sports.