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November 2016

Taking my child to the cinema – done!

November 12, 2016

Psychologists and other experts are unanimous: you should keep the promises you give to your children. Let’s open a parenthesis here: you should first be careful what you promise. Kids are good at remembering what they want to remember, no matter how small they are. Be smart and cautious to make sure your promises don’t backfire on you.

The animated comedy Trolls has recently started showing at the cinemas. The trailers were played at all children’s TV networks and, of course, caught my daughter’s eye. Since I’m also a great movie and TV fan, and she’s obviously a chip off the old block, I promised her that I would take her to the cinema very soon. Since then, I got: “Mum, are we going to see the Trolls now?” five times a day on average. I started planning a day ahead like it was an important expedition, but that’s the way I am – I just like to prepare well. I also offered to take one of her friends from the kindergarten with us, and her mum’s reaction was: “Seriously? Well, if it’s not too much of a nuisance…” No way. That’s a single mother for you – always taking parenthood very seriously. So, if you decide to take your kid (with or without friends) to the cinema, here’s some advice coming from experience:

Book your tickets beforehand. Not because the projection room could be full, but because you can pick the best seats. I prefer the last row because there’s usually more leg space and it offers the best view of the screen. Besides, there’s no one behind you so your kid (or kids) won’t bother anyone when he or she starts fidgeting.

Make sure you visit the toilets before the projection unless you want to leave the room in a hurry after only 30 minutes (“mum, I really have to go…”).

Buy the smallest package of popcorns to avoid belly aches. This coming from the mum whose kid scarfed down the whole Troll bucket of popcorns. (I’m still waiting for her to become sick)

Take enough cash. Cinema is not cheap at all when you add snacks, juices, souvenirs, etc. to the ticket price. And if I tell you that a toy store is located only a few metres away, you’ll easily understand how it took me less than two hours to spend my monthly hair care budget.

And so, the three of us went to the cinema and devoured an unimaginable amount of popcorns. I enjoyed the film, although my daughter and her friend started complaining they were hungry and sleepy half way through. And yes, I almost forgot the most important piece of advice: choose the time wisely if you’re taking five-year-olds who still love to take a nap after the lunch.

It was one more experience. A new Disney’s animated master-piece has been announced so it will be perfect if I start taking my own advice.


Ways to make your child eat healthier

November 6, 2016

This is one of the favourite discussion topics among parents, at least the ones I have contact with. Some children like eating and gulp down everything you put on their plates, and there are others, who seem to think eating is a waste of time and prefer snacks and sweets. Thankfully, my daughter’s in the former group. My friends keep telling me that I’m one of the lucky few because I don’t have to think of new tricks every day and make my child swallow at least a small portion of the carefully prepared meal. But, this state of bliss is not something that just came out of nowhere. There are various methods you can resort to when your child disobeys and keeps saying “yuck” at the very thought of eating something like spinach. Most parents just insist and try to convince their kinds to have a bite, but it’s something I would never do. Firstly, because diet, for me, is not negotiable. Besides, I don’t think you can reach a long-standing agreement of the kind with a small child. When my daughter was just a toddler, I took some radical measures, such as:

  • Using a high chair which prevents likely escape before a satisfactory quantity of wholesome food has been put down.
  • Threatening with sanctions like returning the toys to the store or throwing them straight into the garbage bin.

Bribery: if you eat everything, you can get some chocolate/ gummies/ ice-cream (strike out if inapplicable).

Lying (yes, I admit):

  • If you eat this wonderful soup, your hair will reach your shoulders in no time.
  • All princesses love carrots: it’s full of vitamins and that’s why they’re so beautiful.
  • Santa is watching through the window right now to check if you’re behaving and if you deserve to get nice presents.
  • Peppa’s brother George got sick because he refused to eat the fruit…

Let your imagination go wild and it won’t fail.

Seriously, in brief, wholesome and varied food is extremely important for the good health and development of our children. Some good habits are acquired in early childhood and it’s our duty as the parents to make sure our children eat well and on time. If this requires the use of some unorthodox methods, well, so be it.